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Harry Worth



Private Pimpernel

1st script with RT notes

Reh script with cuts vt 23/9/68

Money to Burn


Reh script 

Deputation from Lower Cludworth


Reh script with notes

A Man's Best Friend


Reh script vt 9/5/69

A Touch of Togetherness


Reh script with notes

Wheel of Misfortune


Reh script

Two to One Bar


Reh script

Melancholics Anonymous



The Undesirable Alien


Reh script no 7 with notes

The Gasman Go-eth



Another One Behind

First script (x 2)


Going Going Gone


Reh script

Last in Line

1st script with RT notes

Reh script vt 9/9/68

Match of the Day

Some incomplete pages

Reh script no 7   

What ails you

 VT 6/8/67

Reh script no 5 with notes

Move Man move


Reh script

Where There's a Will



Just the Job


Reh script

No Place Like Home


Reh script

Busy Line

Some incomplete pages


Not Like One of Your own

first draft Harry Worth script


A Word From our Sponsor

first draft Harry Worth script


Flash Harry

draft outline Harry Worth assume 1978 Yorkshire


cam script

Harry Worth - Epic in the Sand 30 Dec 66 Graeme Muir


Scoop - Mikado

Marked Harry Worth/plus Mikado - various scripts


Harry (Worth) monologue The Drinks are on me



Reh script

Harry Worth 6th Oct 68 James Bond Where are you ?













Cilla Black ATV : Cilla World of Comedy


Marked as cam scripts in buff folder for RT


1 - Desirable Property

First script


2 - Home and Away



3 - Sisters


Rehearsal script

4 - She'll Have To Go



5 - Get Me To The Church


Rehearsal script with cuts

6 - Who's Your Friend



Mini Musicals - Bon Soir Paris

Cilla show


Cilla Comedy Six- Every Husband Has One

draft script


Cilla Comdy Six - Who's Rocking the Boat

draft script 


Cilla Comedy Six - Sea View

draft script


Cilla no 2

cam script Feb 1976 Jimmy Tarbuck/Keith Barron



cam script Feb 1976 Roy Hudd/Dana


Sorry for the little white lie

duet Cilla and Sheila Hancock


Give me those old fashioned movies



All I really wanted was you

Cilla Ronnie Corbett


What shall we talk about

Lulu Cilla


What does a guest do ?

Cilla and Hannah Gordon


When do I get the experience ?



Such a nice old man



What will we talk about ?

Cilla and Diane


What will we talk about ?

Cilla and Sandie


Cilla World of comedy ATV

ep 5 cam script Get Me to the Church


Cilla World of comedy ATV

ep 4 cam script Who's rocking the boat ? 23 Nov 1974


Cilla Ronnie Corbett christmas show

page of script



Ted Rogers/Cilla


Cilla no 3

cam script 22 Feb 76


Cilla Comedy 6

reh script Every Husband Has One


Be A Star

comedy song Jimmy/Cilla/Keith


Life with Cilla format













Al Read

file Al Read 66 with notes


script prog 2 Al Read Classics 1976


blue pages Al Read script breakdown


folder Al Read cuttings


file with Al Read misc Booking slip Al 1951


cam script Life with Al Read 17.2.63

Prod RT


file with John Browell and Al letters re 76 series

Children’s party/Boxing match spectator/Ask directions/Food

Transcripts from 1965 Variety Fanfare discs


Al Read 64 various scripts


Envelope with Parade ground/Girls camp gate


Script tx 22.2.55


Script tx 4.1.55


script tx 25.9.55


Folder with Fanfare Al Read

with Motor car script noted as basically by Al and edited by RT

blue folder items from 1950

with some written indication noted


Plumber/Property Man/decorator/latch on gate/decorator


Gardening/Teenager on telly/Army

folder 1964



Sleep/ERNIE/Motor car

folder Al Read 64

Drink and office party/little boy at pantomimem/bus ervice

folder Al Read 64

Sunday morning/Sunday lunchtime/Driving in fog/Police/

Al Read 64  

Clothing/Teaching wife to drive/Football/Telephone

Al Read 64

Latch on gate - wife/Loudmouth


Air travel - much travelled passenger/tannoy announcement/ringing for


seats/first flight


The Will - Relations/Heard this bump/Stone mason

Al Read Expo

24 May 70 - Nationalized Industries

Al Read Expo

Welfare State

Al Read Expo

National Sports and Pastimes

Al Read Expo


Al Read Expo

Love and Marriage

Al Read Expo

The Cost of Living

Al Read Expo

Summer Holidays 20 July 1971

Al Read Expo

The Car Industry

Al Read Expo

The Family Budget

Al Read Expo

The Medical Profession

Al Read Expo

The Traffic Problem

Al Read Expo

The Permissive Society

Al Read 69

Political/Food/Only 5 Standing Inside/Horse racing

Al Read 69

Maudling/Hogg re Heath 7 Sept 69/Sleep/Chip Shop.Love/Police/


Robbing a bank/Police dog/Policeman in court

Al Read 69

The Will/monologue Short Back and Sides/Little Boy at Barbers/


Borrowing money/Fire service/Central heat/You're seeing too much


of the Telly/Television

Al Read 69


Al Read 69

Central Heat/Motor car/Driving in fog/Ringing the AA/2 barmaids/


Police and Drunk football supporters

Al Read 68

7 Jan 68 Work

Al Read 68

11 Feb 68 Money/Work/Love and marriage/Heavy father

Al Read 68

4 Feb 68 Clothing/Sleep/GPO

Al Read 68

Holidays/Little Boy in church/Buses

Al Read 68  - 21.01.68

Seeing too much of the Telly/TV planners/TV service/Football fever

Al Read 65

3.10.65 Estate agents/removal man/Pedigree dog breeder


Too much of the Telly/ Football wives/Spectator

Al Read 65 - 26.9.65

Telephone cut off/Crossed line/Gas meter man/Police cup tie


supporters/Police dog

Al Read 65 - 19.12.65

Nurse Nurse!/Ringing hospital/Ward scene/Linseed poltice/Why are


hands so soft and smooth/What is a home?/Fire Brigade/

Al Read 65

19.9.65 Electrician ?


23 jan 66 Heavy Father/Sandra


1 nov 64 Kids party/Asking directions


22 nov 64 Driving


11 oct 64 Army


6.12.64 with notes Buses


20.09.64 with lots of notes and 2 voice breakdown Money


11.10.64 Army


18.10.64 Teeth/Mr Wilson rings Sir Alec/Horse racing


another 64 show - Wife clothing/dress shop/Try it the other way round/



ABC Life and Al Read

23.3.64 cam script Ronnie Baxter director

Al Read 64

script 22 Nov 64 prog 10

Al Read 70


Al Read Expo

script Housing Problem

Al Read 65

prog 2 script 19.12.65


Bathroom cabinet with notes/taking pill/Friends-Neighbours/BritRail

folder tied in pink

Al Read 68 John Browell prod scripts with notes

Al Read 65 - ep 1

Go Back to your mother/Electricity/Napoleon/Dog Breeder/Postman

Al Read 69 - ep 2

Cinema/Wedding photographer/Housing /Buses

Al Read 69

Gardening/Motor car/GPO/Dog in pub/Pussy

Al Read 64

22 Nov 64 Golf/Fish and chip shop/Brit Rail

Al Read - no 8 no year

 Shipping line cruise/Holidays/Postman and dog/Police/Police dr

Al Read expo 71

Roof over your head

Al Read expo 71

Crime Prevention

Al Read expo 71

Law and Order

Al Read 64

no 1 20.9.64 Gossip/Dustman/Magna Carta/Money

Al Read no front page

Barbers shop/Little Boy in barbers/Dog singing/Work

Al Read show 68


Al Read show 68

Jan 68 Work/Dog/Racing commentators/Drunk

Al Read Expo 71

The Generation Gap

Script folder

Al Read Traffic jam/wife never go out/little boy dr's waiting room/


phoning dr/estate agent/architect/building scene

script folder

Al Read prog 12 -23.1.66 Marriage/Census/Asking permission/Father invitations


Wedding breakfast/World Cup fever/Buses

Black folder with BBC correspondence

Al Read repeats and cassettes/original 1952 BBC RT contract letter

script folder Al  Read 16.1.66

Clean vest and pants/Wife routine clothing his/Pub/Children


Al Read 6.3.66 Petrol station/Motoring. The Will

Al Read 64

prog 11

Al Read 64

prog 4


2 scripts no date

Al Read 65

Harben cookery/wife overweight/works canteen/

wilson barbara castle/World cup

ABC Life and Al Read

cam script 25.3.64

Al Read 65

script no 3

Al Read 66

script no 10 - 9.1.66

Al Read ?

script no 8

Al Read BBC TV

draft script 21.8.69

Various pages of script

look like 65


pilot script ATV Al Read 29.3.72


marked parts of various scripts no dates

file with ABC Life and Al Read

no 6 - 11.3.64

file with ABC Life and Al Read

no 5 - 26.2.64

file with ABC Life and Al Read

no 5 - 26.2.64 (second one)

file with ABC Life and Al Read

no 2 - 29.1.64

file with ABC Life and Al Read

no 4 - 12.2.64

file with ABC Life and Al Read

no 1 - 15.1.64

file with ABC Life and Al Read

no 3 - 2.1.64


Al Read 25 Nov 54


Al Read 19 Oct 52 Visit Dr/Phone

script Al Read 63 ?

No sump on/mildman speeding/watching mr ed/trafalgar sq policeman/chemist/


petrol pump ladies/in laws/wed photographer/Sandra/stag party

Script ABC TV


Front page

It's Al Read 21 Aug 69 Michael Hurll

Rehearsal script ATV

It's all in life pilot/1/2/3/4/7

Now on top of desk



Al Read script indexes


breakdown of script items 1 - 93 (see scanned copy)


missing 46, 59, 78





Misc and Pilot scripts


Really Mr Raleigh

bound quarto musical script originally Louis Benjamin

O'Malley and Me

first draft

Not Like One of Your own

first draft Harry Worth script

A Word From our Sponsor

first draft Harry Worth script

Holy Cow

first draft RT comedy in 2 acts

Bringing up Father - Away day

first draft some pages

One of the Family

first draft RT

The Third Man

pilot for Max Wall

That Reminds Me


It Runs in the Family


The Old Contemptibles Front Page Story

see Waterhouse note later

One of the Family

draft was Arthur Haynes story rewritten May 1965

The Man Behind Roland Potter

draft Comedy Playhouse for Freddie Frinton

The Man she Marries

treatment and outline for Roy Castle

Albert Sculley

draft script untitled

The Man Behind Roland Potter

folder with draft Freddie Frinton Comedy Playhouse

The First Mrs Frampton

Programme idea for Desmond Wilcox Redifusion

Cabaret Act Jimmy Young

in envelope

Val and Hylda Baker

script pages

Nana and Topo Gigio

script pages

Somewhere in the Crowd

by RT - green folder with 1st draft notes - chapter one

One of the Family- The Financial Genius

see previous note:

Young at Heart - A Little Give and Take

green folder

Life with Father - Awayday

see Bringing up Father

In Case of Fire

draft with notes a scene

A Little Bit of Wisdom

format notes and letters for Norman Wisdom

Marti Caine

notes on scripts written while ATV Comedy consultant

Young at Heart

first scene  - see previous note

It Could Happen To You

format with hand written notes

Peter Goodwright Seeing Life

rehearsal script 1962 Margaret PA

It’s Only Me

Geoff's copy (announcer?) radio 1960 script RT and Jack Bradley

One in Every Family - Leg Room

draft script   

One in Every Family - Staff Relations

draft script plus separate opening scene

Our House


Freddie Starr location sketch

When I'm Cleaning Windows - no dialogue

Freddie Starr location sketch

Tickets Please no dialogue

The Old Contemptibles - Front Page Story

2 copies written by RT created by John Waterhouse

The Old Contemptibles - Job for the Boy


Sasha's in town

cam script BBC 28 May 1972

Red file Sasha music

pages of script and intros with hand written notes


London is a mystery to me

Running order Sasha cabaret act


The art of making love

Sasha and Roy

Redman and Ross

Mike and Bernie Winters cam and reh script sept 72

File with Masterspy

cam script 15 producer RT sept 78

Masterspy format


Settle down with Ken Goodwin

x 2 files script and format

You've met the wife

first draft script for Freddie Sales

Pull up the ladder


She'll have to go

draft script

Right to reply or Say that again

format critics meet writers

Cookery Nook



Old Mother Riley and dialogue


Look Mike Yarwood sketches and songs


Muggins - Rodney Bewes and Norman Rossington front page

storyline and synopsis

One of the Family


It's Only Me Peter Goodwright radio by RT/ Jack Bradbury 14.9.61

cam script 22.6.53

Starlight with Edmond Hockeridge/Carole Carr  BBC prod RT


format and storylines Norman Wisdom - A Little Bit of Wisdom


ABC Green for Danger 25.3.63 Highie Green

Folder format and scipts

Young at Heart/One in Every Family/A Little Bit of Wisdom/


Cilla promo/Comedy Connection by Bob Monkhouse and RT


Over The Garden Wall mss


mss for That's My Girl songs

cam script

Val Doonican's Old Year music Show 9 Dec 77

first draft

Val Doonican's Old Year music Show 9 Dec 77

location sequence scripts

ATV US Val Doonican series


Val Doonican published songbook

cam script

ATV US Val Doonican 4 April 71

Box of lyrics



marked My Good Woman


marked Masterspy and Musical


Leslie Crowther/Mother Knows Best/Big Boy Now/That's My Girl

 Jimmy Clitheroe

Jimmy Clitheroe Wedding sketch


Reh and cam script Just Jimmy ABC TV - May the Best Man Lose

 Cam script

ABC TV Teddington 10.11.63 That's My Boy. Jimmy Clitheroe


Reh script ABC TV Just Jimmy - My part time Mum


Doctor's waiting room sketch

 2 x reh scripts

Just Jimmy ABC TV It's a Mod Mod World 13.4.66 with cuts


Reh script ABC TV Just Jimmy - That's Show Business 29.4.66


Reh script ABC TV Just Jimmy My Stars - 21.4.66





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