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'..... working closely with the artist, I write something to fit them'.

My Good Woman
#1 rated sit com with Leslie Crowther and Sylvia Syms. 
Sylvia is a fanatical charity fund raiser and, much to the frustration of her husband, Clive, all she ever collects is good causes and all the spare time she has is used for helping the less fortunate.

It's All In Life - Al Read
1972 - ATV
Another 'pages from life' series.

Thirty Minutes Worth
Thames sketch show with Harry Worth 1972

My Name is Harry Worth
sit com Thames 1974. 
Harry as a brush salesman lodging with Mrs Maybury (Lally Bowers).  His efforts to do the right thing are surpassed by his inability to understand the ways of the world. 

Cilla's Comedy Six
1975 ATV
Six different comedies with Cilla Black tackling a different role each time.  Winner of the Writers' Guild of Great Britain 'Best television comedy of the year written for a woman'.

Big Boy Now
ATV Leslie Crowther sit com with Fabia Drake 1976

Young At Heart
ATV One off comedy with Stratford Johns/Richard Pearson as OAP grandfathers. 1977

ATV William Franklyn presents a tongue in cheek game show 1978.  Contestants compete with each other, using various spy techniques, to track down the 'Villain'.

A Sharp Intake of Breath
ATV 1977 David Jason plays a hapless character, ever trying to beat officialdom and red tape.  Richard Wilson and Alun Armstrong appear each week in different roles to thwart him.   

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