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' ...... you had to be a comedian to live in Liverpool in those days'.

In 1951 Ronnie was appointed a BBC producer with North Region Variety and fashioned scripts and music for :

Norman Evans - 'Over the Garden Wall'
Dave Morris - 'Club Night'
Jimmy James
Robb Wilton

Arthur Lucan - 'Old Mother Riley'

RONNIE and AL READ 1957 Stockport Midnight Matinee

Variety Fanfare

This series was recorded at Hulme Hippodrome, Manchester from 1950 and showcased new talent, many discovered and developed by Ronnie himself and with whom he would work for many years.

Al Read ... Ken Platt ... Morecambe and Wise ... Bob Monkhouse ... Ken Dodd ...

Club Night

1950-1955 with Dave Morris.  The programme was set in a fictitious working men's club. With his trademark cigar, straw hat and glasses, Dave Morris was the 'know all' club treasurer, assisted by Joe Gladwin as Cedric and Fred Ferris as 'The Wacker' whose primary ambition seemed to be to scrounge a drink.

The Al Read Show

Al Read was 'discovered' in Manchester in 1950 and, when the BBC gave him a series, he came to live with the Taylor family for three days, while Ronnie got to know him.  The association with Al Read was to last a lifetime and up to 35 million people listened to the shows each week.
Here is the BBC transmission 15th November 1955 -

Call Boy

The radio series, created by James Casey, with Jimmy Clitheroe was the start of a long relationship.



BBC Northern Dance Orchestra

Ronnie worked closely in the setting up of the NDO as the 'house band' for the BBC North Region.  He wrote many theme tunes for series and links, particularly for Variety Fanfare, with the specially written end credits sung by the Kordites to play out the show. 

Here's the NDO in action with Alyn Ainsworth in 1959:


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