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' .... the move to London'

In the 60's there was a general move to the London studios.  Ronnie and John Ammonds shared a moving van!

From 1964-1969, Ronnie wrote five Harry Worth series for the BBC.
Here is one episode, recorded on 7th October 1968 and
produced by Duncan Wood.
'James Bond - Where are you?'




and in 1968, there was a sit com pilot -
State of the Union with Les Dawson

The Variety specials :

1968 - 1976
Music, comedy live variety series with big name guest stars.

The opening routine:

Step inside love: http://www.bbc.co.uk/musictv/queensofbritishpop/artists/cillablack/

The Val Doonican Show 
BBC series from 1964 to 1986, featuring Val's own singing performances and a variety of guest artists.

The Val Doonican Show
ATV series in 1970 taped in England but also for the US market.

At last - the musical  .....

Redman and Ross Story
Mike and Bernie Winters Thames 1973

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