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'.... the North is a goldmine of light entertainment material.  I mean to use a lot of artists who are hardly known outside the region.'

As Head of Light Entertainment for ABC Television in 1960, Ronnie brought northern comedy to weekend national viewing.

In June 1962, he delivered a 'principles of comedy production' working document on script and production techniques for the Didsbury and Teddington studio centres. 
This manual on comedy production covered:
Humour and the Humourist
The Basic Premise
The Script
Character Definition
Situation Development
The Performer

His notes became the litmus test for a comedy script.


Life with Al Read
1963 Al Read on tv, which needed Ronnie's hands-on touch

Comedy Bandbox
1962 – also as director, another talent showcase

Just Jimmy
1964 - for 4yrs produced by Ronnie Baxter
Jimmy Clitheroe with the radio cast on tv

Blackpool Night Out
Reflecting the summer season stars in Blackpool ABC Theatre

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